How to Master The Oyster Sex Position: A Step-by-Step Guide

Adding a little more excitement into the bedroom? The Oyster sex position is here to save the day! This seductive position is perfect for those looking to explore flavors of pleasure beyond the same old missionary and doggy styles. But mastering the Oyster can be tricky. Here’s the step-by-step guide on how to do it right and make sure your sex life stays playful, invigorating, and fun! All you need is some pillows, lube, and a willingness to explore the limits of your arousal.

What is the Oyster Sex Position?

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oyster sex position

The Oyster sex position is a unique and adventurous position usually involving suspending one partner in midair, while the other holds them. It’s quite a unique way to explore different ways of making love, as it provides new angles and perspectives from different positions while being suspended. This position can be quite difficult to achieve and requires a lot of trust between partners as well as some serious concentration. It requires good strength from both partners to ensure that the suspended person is securely held and not in any danger of slipping. For those who are up for the challenge, the Oyster sex position certainly provides an extra special way to make love and is said to heighten multiple sensations of pleasure.

Benefits of the Oyster Sex Position

The Oyster Sex Position offers a variety of benefits for those interested in adding something new to their bedroom routine. Many couples find that this position can increase intimacy and connection due to its unique wrapping of the body together. It also helps intensify sensations because of its close proximity, while still allowing for the necessary flexibility for each partner. Additionally, the position can be easily modified to accommodate for different needs and levels of comfort, making it a great option for couples of all shapes, sizes, and fitness levels. Finally, the Oyster Sex Position can be a great way to spice up the bedroom with its unique and creative positioning.

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Preparing for the Oyster Sex Position

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sex position oyster

If you’re thinking of trying the oyster sex position, it’s important to prepare ahead of time. Before getting to the actual positioning, you and your partner should take care of any personal hygiene needs, as this position generally requires close contact and needs both of you to feel comfortable. Additionally, you should have lube and a pillow nearby, as this position can place quite a bit of strain on the back. Communication is also paramount for this position, so before getting started, make sure you and your partner are both open to talking about how each of you are feeling so adjustments can be made as necessary. Finally, the oyster sex position should be seen as fun and exciting, with mutual respect for each other and consent playing a major role.

How to do the Oyster Sex Position

The Oyster sex position is a great way to spice things up in the bedroom. It adds an element of intensity for both partners and can be quite an intimate experience. To do the Oyster sex position, the receiver lies on their back and lifts their legs, bringing their ankles to their ears. The giver then kneels and slides their arms underneath the receiver, arching their spine so their pelvis is elevated. Both partners then grind their hips in a circular motion, creating friction from their pelvises and clitorises. The receiver can then use their legs to press against the givers body for extra sensation. It’s important to experiment and find the angle and rhythm that both partners enjoy. Make sure to use a lot of lube and communicate so the experience can be pleasurable for everyone!

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Troubleshooting the Oyster Sex Position

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When trying to troubleshoot the Oyster sex position, it’s important to ensure that both partners are comfortable. If you’re having difficulty reaching the position, you may need to adjust the angle of your hips or position yourself differently. Communicate with your partner to check if there are any physical limitations that may be preventing either of you from keeping the position. By making sure that you and your partner are both comfortable, it will be easier for you to reach and maintain the position. Additionally, using pillows or other props can help you find the most comfortable angle and height for each partner. With a bit of practice, you and your partner will soon master the Oyster sex position.


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