The Anvil: A Dangerous Yet Pleasurable Sex Position

Unconventional sensation-seekers and avid explorers of human sexuality, be warned: The Anvil sex position can bring unbridled pleasure for those adventurous enough to explore it, but it also carries with it risks and needs to be undertaken with utmost caution. Billed as one of its ‘most exciting’ sex positions, it requires the flexibility and trust of both partners to pull off correctly and safely. For those willing to take its risks, the Anvil promises unimaginably delightful feelings for both partners with its unique sensation.

Understanding The Anvil Sex Position

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anvil sex position

The Anvil sex position is a fun and exciting position for couples and can add some excitement to your bedroom adventures. It is a slightly more difficult position, since it requires strong legs and good balance. Both partners face each other with the woman on top of the man, although he is lying down and she is standing. The woman should support her weight either by leaning on her arms or resting on her knees. This position can be quite sensual with the added advantage of providing support for deeper penetration and allowing the woman full control over every thrust. Some also like to add a bit of a twist by having the man wrap his legs around the woman’s waist and meeting her at each thrust. With the Anvil sex position, both partners can get to enjoy a variety of sensations. Experimentation is key!

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The Pleasure of The Anvil Position

With its roots in tantric yoga, the Anvil Position is a beautiful, sensual, and deeply satisfying way to share intimate sexual pleasure between a couple. This position involves one partner lying face-up while the other leans over them, pressing their full weight onto them, chest to chest, providing an immersive sensory experience. The power and strength of the position alone can lead to an intense surge of pleasure. It’s also an incredibly intimate position, where partners are able to take their time, allowing for relaxed movements and deeper connection. Variations can be added to vary the speed and intensity, while also deepening the emotional and physical connection. Anvil is a truly rewarding way to enjoy each other’s bodies and explore new depths of pleasure.

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anvil sex positions

The Risks Involved with The Anvil Sex Position

The Anvil sex position involves the partner on the bottom to be supporting the partner on top as they lean into them. While this may look like a fun and adventurous pose, it is important to take note of the risks involved. Depending on the size difference between the two partners, the partner on bottom may experience pain or discomfort from carrying and supporting the weight of the partner on top. Both partners should be careful to move slowly and communicate with each other to ensure that each partner is benefiting from the position. Furthermore, if the partner on top has any preexisting knee conditions, this position may cause more discomfort and should be avoided. Knowing the risks associated with the Anvil sex position will help couples decide if it is right for them.

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Tips for Safely Practicing The Anvil Position Sex

To safely practice the anvil position sex, start by slowly reclining backward and support your bodyweight onto your elbows and the soles of your feet, keeping your knees bent and your thighs tight against your stomach. For added support, your partner can hold your waist, provide assistance in balancing, and pull your body close to their own. This position can involve shallow or deep penetration, depending on what’s comfortable for both parties. Remember to go slow and communicate openly with your partner throughout. With slow, intentional movements and lots of communication, the anvil position can be a rewarding, exciting experience for both of you.

Enhance Your Anvil Sex Experience

anvil sex

Enhancing your sexual experience with an anvil is easier than you might think! First, decide what you want to get out of the experience and make sure you have all the supplies you need. From there, setting the mood can make all the difference. Turn the lights down low and light some candles for a more relaxed atmosphere, and fill the room with soft music or natural sounds like chirping birds outside. Don’t forget to use lubricant to make sure the anvil moves smoothly and comfortably, and be sure to talk to your partner throughout the experience to ensure you’re both comfortable. With these simple tips, you can have an anvil sex experience that is both safe and exciting.


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