A Guide to the Tantalizing Octopus Sex Position

Traversing the wild and wonderful ocean of human sexuality can be daunting, but intrepid explorers will discover a tantalizing cruise: the Octopus sex position. This thrilling and difficult technique is well known in the annals of kink, combining deep penetration with the ability to explore juicy erogenous zones. Surprisingly, most of the difficulty and reward lies in the positioning of your bodies. Achieving the perfect alignment to experience the thrilling of the Octopus requires gymnastic-like flexibility and a lot of practice. Whether you are an experienced explorer or a newcomer to the exciting world of kink, the Octopus position can make your wildest fantasies come alive.

Introduction to the Octopus Sex Position

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The Octopus sex position is a complex and difficult position to master, but with practice, it can be enjoyable for both partners. Generally performed by two people of the same sex, the Octopus involves one partner lying flat on their back while the other partner stands over them, holding them in a diagonal position. The standing partner’s legs and free arm are used to stabilize the bottom partner’s legs and torso. Once in place, the standing partner can thrust downward, giving the bottom partner an intense sensation that may be very pleasurable. Both partners may need to adjust their positions slightly to find the most comfortable position to engage in the Octopus. With care and practice, this position can be a great way to take heighten pleasure and explore physical and emotional boundaries with your partner.

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Benefits of the Octopus Sex Position

The Octopus sex position has several benefits. For those who are looking for an innovative way to spice up their sex life, this position is perfect. It provides intense clitoral stimulation and encourages full-body physical closeness, while allowing both partners to control their own pleasure and intensity. The position lets the receiver take the lead, while the giver can easily alternate between different types of stimulation. This position can also add a level of psychological intimacy, as it encourages eye contact and shared breathing. Additionally, the position also relieves tension from the neck, back and abdomen if the receivers legs are properly supported. All these benefits make the Octopus sex position an amazing way to explore new forms of pleasure.

Preparations for the Octopus Sex Position

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Preparing for the octopus sex position can seem difficult, but it is actually quite simple. Start by having the person on the bottom lay on their back and spread their legs, and the partner on top should straddle them with their weight evenly distributed across the partner’s body. It’s often helpful to have some pillows or cushions to make it more comfortable. To really spice it up, try using a sex wedge or ramp for easier access and more support. Remember to go slow at first and communicate with your partner as you move into the position. This will help ensure both partners have a pleasurable experience and can help make the octopus sex position a success!

Executing the Octopus Sex Position

Executing the Octopus sex position can seem daunting, but the result is a highly pleasurable sex experience that’s both unique and intimate. To do this, both partners need to get into a modified missionary position. The receiving partner lies on their back with their legs spread wide and resting on their partner’s shoulders. The penetrating partner kneels down and penetrates their partner with their hips angled slightly upward towards the ceiling. Once you’ve entered, your partner can move themself as desired to find the angle that provides the most pleasure. Communicating with each other throughout is key, as is having a good sense of humour! But once you’ve mastered this position, you’ll be able to enjoy toe-curling sex for hours.

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Aftermath of the Octopus Sex Position

After attempting the octopus sex position, many couples are left feeling exhausted and sore. It is an intense and highly active position that leave both parties with a sense of accomplishment but also aching in certain areas. Understandably, the after-effects of a wild ride can leave couples feeling both satisfied and very tired. To reduce post-sex fatigue, it is recommended to spend a few extra minutes cuddling and engaging in conversation after the physical activity is complete. This helps to restore energy and get those endorphins flowing while encouraging closer bond between partners. Additionally, using a body massage oil or lotion can help to soothe the sore areas and stimulate relaxation.


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