Exploring the Different Positions of Facesitting

Facesitting, sometimes called Queening, can be a thrilling and erotic experience for many, but many of us don’t know the best positions and techniques to fully enjoy the experience! From the Lapdance to the Reverse Facesit, there is a wide range of positions available depending on what you and your partner are comfortable with. As with any type of sexual activity, communication between partners is key to maximizing pleasure and safety, and exploring different positions can be a great way to add some variety to the bedroom. Take a closer look at the different options and find which ones are for you!

The Benefits of Facesitting

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Facesitting, also known as queening or kinging, is a sexual activity in which one person sits on the face of another. It is often part of BDSM play and may involve a variety of activities, such as smothering or humiliation. Facesitting offers a variety of benefits, such as increased connection and control for the partner on top. Not only does facesitting provide physical and emotional pleasure for the recipient, it also gives the partner on top increased control to execute a variety of activities, such as spanking, tickling, or even biting. Additionally, facesitting may lead to expanded sexual exploration and empathy. By engaging in facesitting, partners can share a sense of trust and openness. In regards to personal growth, many partners may find that facesitting facilitates a greater sense of understanding and negotiation of boundaries, allowing couples to become more intimate and communicative.

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Exploring Common Facesitting Positions

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Facesitting has been around for a long time, and is popular in many BDSM circles for its power exchange and smothering play potential. While most people think of facesitting as a single position, there are actually several common variations. Reverse facesitting, where the person on the bottom is in a kneeling position and the person on top is face down, is one option. The traditional position, where the person on the bottom is lying on their back and the person on top is sitting on their face, is another popular choice. Additionally, some people like to practice leg-over facesitting, in which the person on the bottom is bent over onto their back while the person on top is straddling their face. Pile-style facesitting, where the person on top is sitting on the face and the person on the bottom is supporting the top person’s weight, is another popular configurations. Each of these positions has its own unique aspects, and the person most experienced in facesitting can help decide which one is the best fit for you.

The Physical Stimulation of Facesitting

Facesitting is one of the most physically stimulating forms of BDSM that can be experienced. It involves the dominant partner straddling the submissive partner’s face and either sitting up or lying down. The dominant partner controls the sensations and pacing of the experience and may move the submissive’s head around and – depending on the level of play – may even fondle their face or suffocate them. While there are potential risks involved with facesitting, with proper use of safety measures and communication, partners can explore this exciting form of BDSM and take their relationship to the next level.

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The Psychological Aspect of Facesitting

Facesitting is a highly psychological activity that can bring both pleasure and discomfort. It is an intimate act that requires trust, communication, and understanding between two people. Through facesitting, individuals can explore the power dynamics and sexual roles between them – pushing boundaries, experimenting with new sensations, and exploring new depths of pleasure and pain. It is a unique form of pleasure that can bring people closer together and increase their trust and intimacy. It is important to ensure that both parties are in agreement and that their safety and comfort levels are regularly checked in order to ensure that it is a enjoyable and positive experience for all.

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Understanding the Risks of Facesitting

Facesitting is a relatively uncommon type of sexual activity, but it can be enjoyable and exciting for those who practice it. It involves the partner who is facesitting (the “rider”) sitting on the partner’s face (the “pony”), which can create a powerful and desirable feeling of domination and submission. However, it can also present a risk of injury or discomfort if not practiced carefully. It’s important to maintain balance and take breaks if there is discomfort or fatigue. It’s also important to practice proper hygiene, as facesitting can involve the exchange of bodily fluids. Finally, the use of lubricant products and protection can help reduce the risks even further. Understanding and implementing these safety measures will help make facesitting an enjoyable and safe experience.


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