10 Best Sex Positions for Intimate Rear Entry

With so many ways to enjoy intercourse, it’s no wonder more and more people are exploring the pleasure of rear entry sex positions. From the slow and intimate to the wild and energetic, there’s a wealth of different ways to go at it from behind. Here are 10 of the best sex positions for couples who want some intimate rear entry action. For lovers looking for new and creative ways to express themselves, the slightly acrobatic ‘Butterfly’ or ‘Kneeling Wheelbarrow’ positions bring with them excitement, pleasure, and sensation. ‘Doggy Style’ is tried and true, and offers an up-close and personal connection while allowing the receiver a great deal of comfort and control. For a more daring couple, ‘Backdoor Planking’ adds an element of thrill to a fairly standard routine. There are also more adventurous alternatives, like ‘Reverse Cowgirl’ and ‘Jockey Style,’ that take some practice in order to master but are worth the effort and bring great rewards. Whatever the style, whatever the flavor, rear entry sex positions are the perfect setting for you and your partner to try something new and create something special together.

Definition of Rear Entry Sex

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Rear entry sex, also known as doggy style, is a classic and popular sexual position in which the receiving partner kneels on all fours while the penetrating partner stands behind and enters from behind. It is a great way to add lots of sensation and deeper penetration to your sex life and can help spice up your bedroom activities. This type of intercourse offers maximum stimulation to both partners as it enables the penetrator to hit all the right spots and increase the intensity of pleasure. The receiving partner can also experience lots of pleasure as their G-spot and clitoris can be easily stimulated. Rear entry sex offers a more intense experience due to the increased depth of penetration, which makes it great for both partners.

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Benefits of Rear Entry Sex

Rear entry sex offers a variety of benefits that are often overlooked. First and foremost, the man is able to penetrate the woman more deeply while engaged in sexual activities. This can increase the intensity of the pleasure being experienced by the woman, as it allows for greater stimulation of the clitoris and other erogenous zones. Additionally, it can offer a new and different angle of stimulation for both partners. Furthermore, it can be easier for the man to reach orgasm in this position due to the variety of stroking angles that can be employed. Finally, as the man is in control, there can be a sense of power and strength that can translate into the bedroom, giving both partners great satisfaction.

Top 10 Sex Positions for Intimate Rear Entry

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Rear entry sex positions are incredibly intimate, allowing both partners to be connected in the moment. From tried-and-true classics like doggy style to variations like the coital alignment technique, there are plenty of positions to choose from. Here are 10 of the best for intimate rear entry sex. The Crouching Spaniel allows for deep penetration, with the receiving partner’s legs bent for a comfortable fit. The Peacock provides the receiving partner to become more active in this position and engage in grinding and other movements. The Waterfall is a deep penetration position with extra closeness and body contact. The Superhero enables full body contact and extra close interaction. The Lotus is an ultra-intimate position which allows both partners to stay connected, face-to-face. The Spinning Top allows the receiving partner to remain in control and control the depth of penetration. The Snake is a slow and intimate position that allows for deep penetration. The Forced Scissors is an exhilarating position that enables both partners to feel connected due to their close proximity. Rock and Roll provides extra pleasure by allowing both partners to move their hips. The Reverse Cowgirl is a classic rear entry position with an exciting twist!

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Tips for Enjoying Intimate Rear Entry Sex

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Rear entry sex can help you explore your wildest desires! Take the time to get comfortable with the position and explore the sensations. Start by lying on your stomach and have your partner enter you from behind. This angle allows for deeper penetration and can enhance pleasure for both parties. Experiment with different movements, such as alternatively thrusting and grinding, or making slow and steady movements. To increase comfort and pleasure, use pillows to support your hips and slow down the penetration. Experiment with different lubricants and find one that works best for you. Talk to your partner and discuss what feels best and be mindful of their boundaries at all times. Rear entry sex can be intimate and deeply pleasurable if you remember to take the time to comfortably explore, communicate and experiment.

Aftercare for Intimate Rear Entry Sex

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After intimate rear entry sex, it is important to practice basic self-care. Take some time to sit in a peaceful place and acknowledge the connection between you and your partner. Allow yourself to enjoy the moment. Then, provide your body with some aftercare. Drink lots of water, take a warm shower, or have a relaxing bath. This will help to wash away any bacteria or bodily fluids that may have been passed through the intercourse. It’s also a good idea to use a gentle cleanser on the genitals and surrounding areas to prevent infection. Apply a natural lubricant and ensure the area is moisturized. This will help to restore any natural lubricants and pH balance which may have been disturbed due to the activity. Finally, take some time and rest if needed for ultimate health and wellbeing.


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